Duragrain Material


Duragrain® is our industry-leading, dual-layer coating for wood. Duragrain® technology provides protection for the hardwood while also allowing the natural grain of the wood to be appreciated through the unique coloured finish.

For the Duragrain® coating process, the wood is dipped in a coloured primer and allowed to dry before it is sanded first by machine and then by hand.

Finally, the wood is dipped again to apply the top coat which provides an attractive appearance that highlights the natural grain of the wood and is also resistant to the weather.

LifestyleGarden® Duragrain® has been developed to provide a level of quality whilst also meeting the highest standards of environmental accountability. LifestyleGarden® only uses premium-quality, environmentally friendly, water-based paints and oils from internationally-renowned suppliers.


The wood used for manufacturing this product can be traced all the way back to its origin. All of the wood is exclusively grown on FSC certified regenerated plantations. This means you can trace the furniture all the way to the place where the tree once grew, and know it came from a responsibly managed forest.

LifestyleGarden®’s hardwood complies with EU Timber regulations, the Australian Illegal Logging Prohibition Act 2011 and the Lacey Act in the USA.

Duragrain Material


2 Years Warranty
  • Coating enhances the natural beauty of wood’s grain.
  • Environmentally friendly water-based paint.
  • Weather-resistant.
  • Eye-catching, unique coloured finish.


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LifestyleGarden® products coated with Duragrain® have been designed to be used outdoors throughout the year in all types of weather conditions. During the off-season, it is recommended the product is store inside or covered.

Duragrain® products will retain their colour for many years although if constantly exposed to the sun, the colour will fade after approximately 6 months without maintenance.

Duragrain® is safe for the environment because it is a water-based solution that contains no harmful chemicals.

Duragrain® requires light maintenance every six months.

All LifestyleGarden® products coated with Duragrain® come with a 2-year limited warranty.


All of LifestyleGarden® outdoor furniture is designed and manufactured to provide the highest levels of durability and weather-resistance as well as looking great with a minimum of maintenance. However, we do understand the importance of prolonging the life and maintaining the premium-quality finishes used on many of our pieces.

LifestyleGarden® products coated with Duragrain® require minimal maintenance, but should the surface become dirty, greasy or oily it is recommended that a brush or cloth is used for easy removal.


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