Fabrics Material


LifestyleGarden® only uses fabrics with excellent weather-resistant properties for extreme durability in all climates:

Olefin offers supreme durability due to its fibres containing less moisture which allows it to dry more quickly than other textiles. Furthermore, Olefin is resistant to abrasions, stains, sunlight, fire and chemicals.

Polyester is used for its high-quality performance and appearance which is a result of the woven structures that resemble a linen fabric.


LifestyleGarden® is committed to protect the environment and natural resources. We continually and consistently improve our operational efficiency and sustainability in order to benefit the environment. We protect the environment by minimizing waste, reducing emissions, reducing consumption of resources and energy, and by controlling the use of restricted substances in all materials used.

Fabrics Material


2 Years Warranty

  • Excellent colour fastness.
  • Extremely durable.
  • Easy to maintain.


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LifestyleGarden® fabrics are suitable for outdoor use, throughout the year. Please note that the full cushions should be removed or covered during periods of rain to avoid getting wet, and stored in a dry area or covered during winter months.

All fabrics used have excellent colour fastness and are extremely durable.

All fabrics used by LifestyleGarden® are manufactured in an environmentally conscious manner.

LifestyleGarden® fabrics are very easy to maintain. Soap, water and a wet cloth should be used to remove any stains or soiling. You can also use our recommended fabric cleaner and make it water repellent with our fabric protector.

All LifestyleGarden® fabrics come with a 2-year limited warranty.


LifestyleGarden® products are designed and manufactured to provide the highest levels of durability and weather-resistance as well as looking great with a minimum of maintenance. However, we do understand the importance of prolonging the life and maintaining the premium-quality finishes used on many of our pieces.

Our fabrics are very easy to maintain. Soap, water and a wet cloth should be used to remove any stains or soiling.



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