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Who makes my furniture?

The goal of LifestyleGarden® is to create beautiful, comfortable, and long-lasting products, whilst 'Doing Business the Right Way'. We do this by delivering the best practices in sourcing, production, and quality. Our commitment to our Social Responsibility, alongside our state-of-the-art production and contemporary design, means that you can rest assured that LifestyleGarden® is the perfect fit for your home.

LifestyleGarden® is a brand of ScanCom International, a leading innovator in the outdoor furniture industry for over 25 years, with a presence in more than 50 countries and a long history of responsibly sourced product development. This experience has helped us to grow and build a fair and trusted brand which is responsible and focused on our customers' needs.

Doing Business the Right Way - closing that all-important circle - is a cornerstone in our vision, and using ethically sourced materials and products is close to our hearts and acts as a guiding principle in everything we do at LifestyleGarden®.

We care now, to make the world a better place to life in the future.

Our Commitment to recycling

Since our creation, our ultimate goal has always been to deliver the very best options for outdoor furniture through recycling and repurposed manufacturing principles. We strive to provide the most innovative, excellent, and outdoor living solutions with a proven commitment to diligent ESG principles. This is not a dedication with an end, but something that grows and develops every single day - from sourcing through to production and beyond.

But what is the circular economy? For us it means focusing on the 5R's - REFUSE the hazardous chemicals, REDUCE the consumption of energy and resources, REUSE redundant materials, have products that are made from RECYCLED raw materials and, last but not least, RETHINK production methods. Adhering to these principles has helped us reduce a significant amount of material waste and plastic waste. Our programmes are designed to keep the oceans, the land, and the air as clean as possible.

We design products with this circularity in mind and our material choices drive innovation throughout the design process - they are made to have a positive impact on the planet and the people who use and enjoy them.

Our recycling Journey

Everything we do at LifestyleGarden® is guided by a central principle: the use of recycled materials. With full control of the production and the supply chain - ever mindful of closing the circle in our manufacturing processes - we are able to deliver high quality and functional products that are ethically sourced, and which use recycled materials.

Ensuring both the use of repurposed materials and high product quality is quite a challenge, but we do not withdraw from our core values for whatever reason. We consistently strive for the best circular manufacturing solutions and that striving has birthed our Plastic Collections - they represent our huge stride into recycled plastics, finding the balance between the perfect shape, the right comfort and a production method that utilises recycled materials.

If the years of working with recycled materials have taught us one thing, it is that we have a responsibility towards driving success, pushing limits, and being innovative and responsible. We care and make every effort so you can enjoy your outdoor living experience.

Honest Materials

All the materials we use to create our products come from well-managed and legal sources and are produced in safe manufacturing environments and with fair labour standards. We mainly produce our products with recycled and recyclable materials, and all the wood in our pieces are FSC-certified.

We create designs that both look great and use responsibly sourced materials. With all the materials available, we are free to be creative with our designs and functions, get innovative and be adaptive to the needs of customers.

For each material, we have come up with numerous approaches to source or create them in the most responsibly sourced way possible. Nevertheless, alongside the opportunities granted are the tough-to-beat obstacles - such as creating the ideal environments to preserve each type of material or ensuring all materials are of high quality, ethically and responsibly sourced to our standards.

Materials and Care

Own Production & Facilities

LifestyleGarden® is a brand of ScanCom International A/S - a leading innovator in the outdoor furniture industry. Founded in 1995, we have our legal headquarters located in Denmark along with several advanced-technology-equipped production sites in Brazil, Indonesia and Vietnam, alongside commercial offices in United Kingdom, Germany, the USA, Spain and Vietnam.

Constant investment in manufacturing and production facilities is extremely important for us to maintain high levels of quality, safety and efficiency. Additionally, having full control of the production process ensures that we are able to guarantee that all our LifestyleGarden® standards for quality, responsible sourcing and safety are met 100%. This commitment has made LifestyleGarden® outdoor furniture the innovative, premium and responsible choice for our customers.

Our Designers

At LifestyleGarden®, we have a team of dedicated designers that constantly try to envision and design the very best sustainable outdoor living experiences for you.

From the concept to the final product, our brilliant team create pieces of furniture that reflects passion for design, sustainable materials and innovation. Meet the people behind our beautiful pieces.


Business Area

We are always open to new partnership opportunities. If you wish to contact us for a business matter or to discover our business in a more thorough manner, please do not hesitate to continue onwards.

For the contract sector, we have a proven record of success on projects around the world with items that are reliable, heavy duty and resistant to extremes. We can help you create your dream space in your hotel or restaurant, from the concept to the final design, supporting you through every step of the process.


Doing Business The Right Way

Doing Business the Right Way is a cornerstone of our business vision; we believe that it is the only way of operating - and the approach can be seen in everything we do, from the sourcing and processing of raw materials, through production and design stages until the final product is delivered to your door.

We respect human and labour rights and work actively to develop and maintain the use of ethically sourced materials while increasing the awareness of our employees through regular training and educational programmes.

We protect the environment by minimizing waste, CO2 emissions and consumption of resources and energy, controlling restricted substances in all materials used and responsibly sourcing FSC-certified wood in Brazil and Indonesia.