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  • Products & Collections
    • Can I buy LifestyleGarden® products directly from you?
    • Where can I buy LifestyleGarden® products in a store near me?
    • Where can I find the price of your products?
    • Which cover do you recommend for LifestyleGarden® products?
    • What do I have to do if I need spare parts for my set?
    • I don't have my assembly instructions; can I see them elsewhere?
  • Maintenance & Care
    • Is it safe to leave my furniture outside during the winter?
    • How do I maintain my wood products?
    • Are my cushions weather-proof?
    • Can I clean the cushions covers in the washing machine?
  • Warranty
    • How do I activate my product warranty?
    • How long is my LifestyleGarden® warranty valid?
    • How can I claim the LifestyleGarden® warranty?
    • I lost my receipt. Is this required for a warranty claim?
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