Materials & Care

Sustainability and having a positive impact on the planet is at the heart of everything LifestyleGarden® does - from reducing waste and the consumption of resources and energy, to ensuring its colleagues are well-educated about environmental issues.

Ethically sourced materials for your garden furniture

Responsibly sourced materials are at the heart of everything we do at LifestyleGarden®. We're determined to have a positive impact on the planet by reducing waste, reducing the consumption of resources and energy, and ensuring our colleagues are well-educated about these issues.

Through our in-house production facilities, network of passionate team members located across the globe, and partnerships with leading environmental bodies, we are able to create high-quality recycled outdoor furniture that is ethically sourced. We are driven to 'close the loop' by minimising waste and maximising the recyclable credentials of our products, for the benefit of the environment and people.

But what does this mean for our customers? Put simply, it means that we are able to deliver outstanding, beautiful pieces of recycled furniture, combining international design and production with ethically sourced materials. This ensures responsible outdoor living is possible for any taste, style and budget. We strongly believe that innovative recycled furniture should be available to the many, not the few.

LifestyleGarden® produces repurposed furniture that looks great, is weather-resistant, requires very little maintenance and is made to last. All our products have been designed to be used outdoors throughout the year in all types of weather conditions. During the off-season, it is recommended the product is stored inside or covered.

  • DuraOcean®
  • Aluminium
  • Hardwood
  • Duresin
  • Aluprint
  • Petan
  • Rope
  • Duraboard
  • Teak
  • Fabrics
  • Weather-Net
  • Social Plastic


DuraOcean® is an innovative plastic material made with recycled plastic input material. This allows us to deliver a material that is created with up to 93% recycled base material. The plastic is created from ropes, sourced from harbours and maritime industry areas, allowing LifestyleGarden® to prevent the material from being wasted or polluting the ocean. The plastic waste is transformed into a valuable recycled raw material, which is delivered to us in pellet form. This is done after a series of washing and cleaning of the material, after sorting based on the type of plastic to ensure the highest quality and properties. These pellets are mixed into a resin with other additives – all of which are REACH compliant and recyclable – and injected into our custom-built moulds. The result is a UV-resistant and ergonomically designed product that is supported by our hard-wearing FSC®-certified Brazilian Eucalyptus wood. This combination of nature and plastic is the DuraOcean® chairs and tables.

DuraOcean® chairs are the world’s first commercially available chairs made with marine plastic waste, setting the benchmark for sustainable material usage and design.

The DuraOcean® products are designed for disassembly, meaning that the design allows each component in its purest form to be recycled into new production circles.


+ Up to 93% recycled content

+ Weather-resistant

+ Zero maintenance

+ Recyclable

+ UV-resistant.

Will the appearance of DuraOcean® change over time?

DuraOcean® has excellent UV stability and will retain its colour for a very long time.

Do DuraOcean® products have a warranty?

All Lifestylegarden® DuraOcean® products come with a 5-year warranty.

Responsibly sourced material

DuraOcean® is made with recycled plastics originating from marine material - mainly consisting of ropes that have been safely prevented from polluting the oceans, cleaned and turned into beautiful chairs and tables. DuraOcean® is fully recyclable, after use you can dispose of the buckets and the top of the tables at a green point station near your home. Most countries have these stations available; as an alternative, you can also leave the plastic buckets and table tops on the container for plastic bottles.

DuraOcean® doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals and it is completely safe for the environment. All the DuraOcean® products have been manufactured according to rigorous standards and in accordance with the EU laws that banned harmful chemicals (REACH). We have made DuraOcean® products from recycled plastic and stabilizers free to reduce our environmental footprint.

Maintenance and care

LifestyleGarden® DuraOcean® products require no maintenance and can be cleaned easily using soap and water. With intense and prolonged exposure to sunlight, the colour may fade slightly so it is highly recommended to cover the items when not in use, and/or store inside during harsh weather and winter.