LifestyleGarden® Designers

Meet the LifestyleGarden® designers

At LifestyleGarden®, we have a team of dedicated designers who constantly try to envision and design the very best outdoor living experiences for you. With more than 25 years of combined experience creating stunning furniture designs, LifestyleGarden® designers are a perfectly balanced team for bringing comfortable and stunning outdoor designs to life with LifestyleGarden®.

"Design is a constant challenge to balance the practical with the desirable"

Inbal Kahaner studied Industrial Design at the renowned Holon Academic Institute of Technology in her home country of Israel. From 2009-2014 she was a senior designer in Israel, specialising in designing furniture for mass production.

As a leading furniture designer, her products have been greatly successful and have sold worldwide in addition to winning a handful of prizes.

Inbal's designs demonstrate a passion for innovative design and an awareness of the factor that affect design for mass production. “As a designer, I have always been interested in developing innovative ideas and concepts in order to deliver functional products that look great. My real drive is to create affordable and accessible furniture that enhances the aesthetics of any outdoor space and it is a thrill to know that people all over the world are using one of my designs in their everyday life. In many ways, this continuous search for innovation is mirrored by LifestyleGarden®, as it is part of the DNA of the brand to develop new materials, products and technology to create sustainably-produced high-quality pieces for everyone“.